House Angels - introduction

Are you good at cooking and ironing? You don´t mind doing housework, but recently you ran out of time?

Work, children, hobbies and household! Would you like to spend more time with your children, partner, friends, be full of energy, enjoy a healthy social life or do just about anything else? Do you find it hard to keep a clean house? Would you like to get all these opportunities, but because of lack of time and power you find it impossible to manage it all?

How often do you just want to call someone who could help you relieve your every day routine? Just imagine you returning home into a tidy living room, resting your feet on a well vacuumed carpet and lying down on ironed and fresh coated blankets.

We understand that committing one´s household to another person means breaking someone´s privacy and intimacy for many of us. But there is nothing to worry about. We work individually and thoughtfully, with great care and discretion to all our clients. Always.

Leave your daily routines to us. We will be at your service. We can take care of all your needs and wishes, and will do our best to fulfil them. Your satisfaction with your household is our job.