Bc. Tatiana Kodrasová
Sekaninova 1087/28
128 00 Praha – 2 Nusle

ID: 67933254

e-mail: t.kodrasova@atlas.cz
tel: +420 606 857 705

I am a self-made person
The cocktail of my individuality is made up of energy and drive, optimism and positive-thinking, honesty and thoroughness, reliability and credibility, ability to learn new things, being independent and work in team as well, challenges and work i’ve done, experience and skills i’ve got. That is me and there is nothing can chage me.

Life is chops and changes all the time and the best you can is keep doing what you are really interested.

I have been working in the field of housekeeping for 18 years, helping different families, and i realised the service become more attractive every each year. That's why I decided to bring my many years experience and skills at your service. Most of all, I would like to see clients satisfied with my work. I will try to find a reliable and handy lady who will fits you and meet your requirements.

I’d like to share, helping other hard working women with household, doing best i can and see their gratefulness through thanks and praise brings me a great pleasure. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Bc. Tatiana Kodrasová