You can choose from several offered services:
According to your requirements, you can decide which services you are interested in (or a combination of services). We will fit a reliable and handy lady for you, who will take care of everything.

Regular cleaning services:

  • Dust cleaning
  • Floor Sweeping
  • Ironing
  • Vacuuming floors, carpets, sofas
  • Mopping floors. Dry and wet mop (depends on individual floor cover).
  • Full kitchen cleaning, including: appliances, worktops and tiles
  • Washing dishes and cleaning the appropriate place (by appointment)
  • Washing refrigerator (by appointment)
  • Bathrooms - shower and toilet cleaning
  • Watering houseplants (by appointment/ mutual agreement)


Dear parents, babysitting is not an easy job that requires a strong psychic health and a huge responsibility since it is all about the most precious you have in your life – Your Children. It sometimes happens that you need to entrust them to strangers and be sure they will take a good care of your child. I will definitely do all I can to find a suitable woman who will provide your children with the proper care. The relationships between a nanny and a child, as well as a nanny and parents are very important. That is why while looking for the right person for this job I always make sure if she is loving to kids and preferably has a degree in pedagogy. I approach my work with responsibility, professionalism, and above all, with love. The services I offer include both one-time babysitting and childcare on a permanent basis.

Other services:

  • Cooking
  • Help with children's birthday party
  • Cleaning after a party
  • Babysitting
  • Escorting children to and from school, sports or other activities
  • Small purchases
  • Picking up medicine from a pharmacy on prescription etc.
  • Watering flowers, picking up post (in case of unavailability of client. Eg.- holidays)

General cleaning services:

  • Washing windows
  • Mopping fixtures
  • Washing radiators
  • Wiping the cobwebs
  • And other services by mutual agreement

We offer our house cleaning services in Prague and surrounding areas.

You can order or cancel your services within 48 hours. The ordered service must be at least 2 hours